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So, about that knee...

Obviously, we were a bit naive to expect this problem to just go away.

The team got the day off, but Arenas is going to rest his surgically repaired left knee one more day with the expectation that he will be raring to go tomorrow night against Philadelphia. The key will be how Gilbert feels on Wednesday against Charlotte on Wednesday. His scratch on Saturday was totally unexpected.

This raises the question of whether this "wait and see" approach is more effective than just shutting Gilbert down for a longer period, with the expectation that he'll be fully healed once he comes back.  And it's a tough one to answer.  On the one hand, if Arenas is shut down for a while, our guys are going to know what new roles are expected of them, instead of being left in the dark until before tipoff.  On the other hand, Arenas' injury doesn't exactly lend itself to a prolonged period of rest, and there's always the possibility that opponents will adjust more easily than we do to Arenas' absence.  

It's not an easy question to answer.  Personally, I think the Wizards are handling this the right way, but I can see the counterargument.  It's early in the season, but we can't expect the rest of the team to play like they did against Portland every night.

Where do you stand?  Would you keep monitoring Arenas like this, or would you put him on the injured list once and for all?