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To think, at this time last week we were panicking

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In the game thread, Pradamaster said that "A win here would say a lot about this team." I think he was on to something. Without Gilbert Arenas, the Wizards still put together a complete performance tonight, outscoring the Blazers in every quarter and never let Portland mount a run to get back in the game. The Blazers held the lead for exactly 27 seconds tonight, and that was when the Blazers went up 2-0. After Jamison responded with a three-pointer on the other end, the Wizards didn't trail for the rest of the game. The most remarkable thing about this game is that last year's two all-stars, Arenas and Butler, combined for 13 points tonight and Washington still won by 19. How many times would this have happened last year under the same conditions? Probably never.

Nick Skywalker soars high into the air, above the ref and Eddie Jordan. On the way down, Nick took several photos of the Verizon Center's new HD scoreboard. Sadly, he used a cheap disposable camera and film was overexposed.
(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Nick Young had his best game as a pro with 17 points in 15 minutes, if he keeps this up he might just earn the now vacant Hibachi nickname. There's still going to be up and downs with his game this season, but tonight showed what he's capable of in the future once he gets some more experience under his belt.

Jamison scores 2 of his game-high 30 points as he tries to figure out what on earth the guy below him is doing.
(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Young's breakout game will probably be the story of the game, but Jamison was the one that got it done tonight. In a game where the Wizards only shot .6% better than the opposition, his 7 offensive boards were key in giving the Wizards second chances and a big part of why the Wizards had 19 more field goal attempts than Portland. As a result of his great game, Jamison got his own highlight reel on

Some other quick thoughts from the game:

  • Just to clear up some confusion from the BlazersEdge open thread, Chevy Chase Bank is not owned by, or in anyway related to comedian Chevy Chase. It is so namd because it is based out of Chevy Chase, Maryland which is also not owned by, or in anyway related to the former SNL member.
  • In TruthAboutIt's Live Blog, he asked what Blatche & Haywood's +/-numbers are when paired together. I'm not the numbers guy, but I'll try to give this a shot. Using 82Games' 5 man floor units (last updated on the 16th, which is okay since they didn't play together against the Blazers), it looks like the Haywood-Blatche for president! combo is a +7 for the season, but that's going on only 6 minutes of playing time so it's not like there's a great sample to really get an idea of their impact on a game just yet.
  • While Nick Young had a great game, his one miss at the free-throw line kept the Wiz from going a perfect 22 of 22 at the line. Mad props to Dave Hopla on that, especially for helping with Haywood's shot, he hit all nine of his free throws.
  • Haywood has 6 double-doubles in 7 games, I'd say more but I don't want to jinx it.
  • Al Sharpton was in the house tonight.
  • Blatche was impressive in the time he got, his 5 fouls were a little disheartening, but his 3 blocks anything but.
  • DeShawn played 23 minutes and didn't attempt a shot. No field goals, no free throws, nothing . Despite that he was still was a +25 for the game, part of that probably had to do with holding Brandon Roy to 2 field goals and a total of 12 points.
  • Congrats to AD on the double-double, although I think we all probably thought that was coming.
  • BF reader hotplate was at the game, here's his thoughts on the game:
    • The defense IS better. They are switching much more cleanly, rotating quicker, and closing out on the shooter much, much better than last year.
    • The bench is better. Even when only using an 8 man rotation. Having guys who can shoot makes a big difference. And Blatche makes a difference on both sides of the court. Love it that he can hit the 12 foot jumper.
    • Haywood IS way better. 9 games in and he has maintained his intensity. Tonight he had 17 points, 10 boards and a consistent effort throughout.
    • Songaila is much better with a big man on the floor. His ability to hit the open jumper and move the ball is enhanced when he doesn't have to play down low. And he plays better on the defensive end with a big man to back him up.
    • Nick Young has some talent, although he took about 3 bad shots that would have been trouble in a close game. I hope that Eddie can find minutes for him in the regular rotation.
    • Attendance was a bit disappointing. Oh well, it always picks up when we play well. My section (417, in the upper deck) got a t-shirt toss. A guy down the row, gave the one he caught to my daughter. Nice gesture!
  • TASER WATCH: Dominic McGuire got some time at the end of the game tonight and poured in 2 points and a rebound in 3 minutes and 47 seconds of play.

Eddie Jordan shows off his "victory muscles" to Nate McMillan.
(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)