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No Your Links: 11/16/07

  • The NBA All-Star Ballots are out.  As you'd probably expect, all of the Big 3 made the ballot this year.  Outlet makes a case for having Brendan on the ballot as well.  Just remember if you want to cast a vote for Brendan (or Dominic McGuire), there is a write-in option.
  • You may have noticed in the Pacers game thread that I said that Earl Monroe was getting his number retired at the game.  I was wrong, he's getting it retired on December 1st.
  • Boy, it sure is nice to see DeShawn out of that slump and back to normal.
  • If assistant coach Phil Hubbard goes into hiding Saturday night, we'll all know why.
  • Ivan Carter has two insights into the Wizards' rotations.
  • I know I'm incredibly late on this, but it's nice to see Kwame finally found a way to get the ball in the basket.
  • Expect to see Romanians invade the Bay Area now that Golden State of Mind has made the unforgivable mistake of insulting Gheorge Muresan's cologne.
  • Some of the Wizards visited Andrews Air Force Base this week, leading to what very well could be the photo of the year:

    This photo of Nick Young wearing quite possibly the ugliest shoes ever, is a close second.
    (Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)