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"You gotta admit, it's getting better"

Box Score.
Game Flow.
Post recap.
Times recap.
Indy Cornrows.

Highest plus/minus: Caron Butler (+15)
Lowest plus/minus: Roger Mason (+1)

I'm going to have more tomorrow, but that's how you take care of business.  Just an excellent all-around performance, particularly defensively, where allowing just 90 points in an up-tempo game is incredibly impressive.

One of these days, when I have a chance to really follow the game closely, I want to look at a play-by-play of the so called "big lineup."  It's taken three and a half years, but Eddie finally figured out that it doesn't make sense for a bad defensive team to keep playing small.  Sure, Jamison/Songaila is a defensive liability at the 3, but in Blatche and Haywood, at least you have enforcers in there to which you can funnel penetration.  Moving Butler to the 2 also makes sense; his strength is overpowering players, and when he's playing undersized at the 3, he's not doing that.  Plus, anything that turns Stevenson into a good role player, but not an important player, is a good thing.

Offensively, Gilbert was good, Caron was great, and everyone else was eh, but it's a winning formula, and that's important.  

Again, more tomorrow.  But I really do think we're going to turn it around.  That move to the big lineup may have saved this season before it even began.