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Tuesday Open Thread

The NBA Source had a post today about some of the teams in the NBA that are struggling right now and what they can do to fix their problems.  Of course, the Wizards fit the billing so here's what was suggested for them (emphasis mine):

Force the tempo. They are a team who will excel when the focus of the game is on offense. Brendan Haywood is their only big frontcourt body, and even he moves pretty well. Their depth at the guard position should allow them to play at a high speed and keep Arenas's and Butler's minutes under control. On that note, I think Eddie Jordan needs to rest Gilbert a little bit more for the time being - playing 40 minutes a night can't be good for his knee, and keeps him from kicking it into high gear for an entire game. Thirty-five full-speed minutes from Arenas would be better than 40 average ones. They also could do with a little more dribble penetration - Jamison is the only player having any success from the 3-point line. Their shot selection needs to improve, which could mean running more of the offense through Butler, whose midrange game will help Arenas get more clean looks on the perimeter. Washington's players feed off of momentum, and they can't continue to have the crushing turnovers and contested long range jumpers that have plagued them thus far.

For the record, I would support the move.  Daniels is more than capable of running the offense for 10-15 minutes a night without Arenas and it would put less wear and tear on Gilbert which will pay dividends later on in the season.  Just my two cents of course, how many minutes per night would you give Gilbert?

In unrelated news, if you're wondering why Ivan Carter hasn't blogged recently, it's because his laptop got into a fight with a "fat" Atlanta fan.  When asked about the incident, Joe Gibbs said the battle was "Hard fought."