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No Your Links: 11/12/07

Apologies for the lack of posts today, deadlines for papers came up much, much faster than I anticipated.  -Jake

  • You know how Wizards fans feel about Sunday's loss, how do Hawks fans feel?
  • SVP Style thinks maybe we should lay off the Eddie Jordan haterade.  Although he thinks the Wizards are getting ready to pull the t(r)igger on another move.
  • If I told you that one of the Wizards was involved in the construction business, how many guesses would it take for you to guess Roger Mason?  At least 7 right?
  • Hoops Addict on Brendan Haywood's rising fantasy value:
    Brendan Haywood a Center Worth Owning: Over the last decade, the Washington Wizards have been an exciting team because of their guard and forward play, but suddenly Brendan Haywood is drawing interest from fantasy owners as well.  His Sunday performance epitomizes the potential that has fantasy owners flocking to the waiver wires to pick him up.  Against the Hawks, Haywood scored 13 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and even blocked a shot.  In 6 games, it was Haywood's fourth double-double.  He also averages over 2 blocks per game and is staying on the floor a career-best 29 minutes per game.  At 28 years old, Haywood is in his prime, and should hold his ground against a weak crop of centers in the Eastern Conference.

  • The Wizards are up to 25th in the latest edition of's Power Rankings, take that Chicago!
  • The Christmas season hasn't truly begun until we hear that MJ is losing money (again).
  • Theo Robertson of the Cal Golden Bears <3's Gilbert Arenas.
  • Les Bullez is excited about the Wizards win for a number of reasons.
  • Note to the rest of the NBA: Don't stick your rookie on Caron.  Oh, and while we're talking about Caron, he's got a new vlog out, featuring a sidekick!

  • Finally to wrap-up a trio of Caron Butler links, here's a graphic representation of what he meant when he said that the win against Atlanta was like getting King Kong off the team's back:

    Or something like that.