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All the Wizards need are four good quarters

I'm not the kind of guy that likes to use a lot of the cliché sports terms like "Oh, Team X would be a real contender if they just made big plays in crunch time" or stuff like that but when it comes to talking about the Wizards' woes this season, I think a big part of the problem comes down to consistency.  The Wizards simply haven't put together 48 minutes of basketball all season.

In every game so far this season, the game has come down to one quarter where the Wizards fall apart:  Overtime against Indiana, the second quarter against Boston, the fourth quarter against Orlando, the second quarter against New Jersey, and the third quarter collapse to dwarf all third quarter collapses (no pun intended Ben) against Denver.  In those 5 quarters, the Wizards have been outscored 137-65.  Yes, you are reading that right.  If the Wizards had doubled their scoring output in those quarters, they still would've been outscored by seven in those quarters.  Scarier yet, even if the Wizards had doubled their scoring in those quarters they'd still only be 2-3.

That's the bad, the good news is that outside of those "flab 5" (I know, dorky but it's all I could come up with) the Wizards have outscored their opponents.  So If I was an overly cliché kind of guy, I'd be telling the Wizards to be consistent tomorrow...and to a lesser extent tell DeShawn not to shoot unless his face goes numb.