Gil for Kobe

Look, i love gilbert arenas.  He brought basetball back in D.C.  We were nothing until we got Gilbert Arenas.  I love how he's one of the most honest players in the game.  Gil is proving my theory that you can still succeed by being yourself.  

But, Kobe bryant is kobe bryant.  Kobe is one of the gods in the nba right now.  Its lebron, kobe, nash, jkidd, duncan, and everyone else in my mind at this moment, lotta guys right below them, and gilbert arenas is one of them, but im sorry, i would trade gilbert for kobe.  Theres only a select few of the guys in the league who id trade arenas for, and kobe is one of them.  Sorry gil, but its an honor to be traded for kobe bryant.

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