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No Your Links: 11/1/07

  • There was a lot of good stuff from the chat with Ivan Carter and Michael Lee of Wizards Insider yesterday. I was going to post some highlights, but it was too hard to pick and choose what to highlight're on your own, but definitely check it out.
  • Make sure to check out the diaries if you haven't done so lately. While there you can pick up some gambling tips, make predictions for the NBA season, and read sierradave's (somewhat) prophetic predictions before last night's game.
  • Traditionally, gifts of tin and aluminum are given as gifts to celebrate a 10th anniversary, so make sure to send all your empty soda cans to the Wizznutzz.
  • In a post I forgot to mention yesterday (sorry!), Deuce of Davenport is ready for the season, and finds the whole over/under for wins this season ludicrous.
  • Make sure to check out Truth About It's live blog of last night's game.
  • If you're looking for one key play from last night's game, I'd probably say it was this one. Or, if you're lazy blame it on The Basketball Jones for screwing the Wizards over.
  • How bad was the Wizards' defense last night? It was downright Basketbawful.
  • Today's word of the day is Jobbery.
  • Quick self-promotional note, in the same vein of the post-game recaps you see for every game on Bullets Forever, you'll also see post-game recaps on Gilbertology. Just there the recaps only focus on one player, and I'm much more likely not to saying anything overly critical of Gil's performance.
  • SVP Style on last night's game "While the first game of the season is certainly not an indicator, last night's game showed great details about Arenas' health, and how it will shape the outcome of this early part of the season. The team's defensive effort, and energy on the offensive end, all depend on him."
  • Make sure to welcome the new SB Nation blog, BrewHoop!
  • While I'm pimping SB, I should mention Golden State of Mind had an interview with Jonathon Givony of Draft Express. I mention this because Givony is a very wise man, he knows his second round steals:
Golden State of Mind: Occasionally, we see players in the 2nd round step in and become high impact players such as Gilbert Arenas and Carlos Boozer have done. First, are there any players in the 2nd round of the 2007 NBA draft class that you think will be able to duplicate what Arenas or Boozer have done? And second, with all the scouting and increase in dollars spent on analyzing players, how do these kinds of guys fall through the cracks from the 1st round?

Jonathan Givony (DraftExpress): Man, no softball questions on this blog, huh...To answer your first question, I think the 2nd round of the 2007 draft will be looked back on as being pretty weak. So no, I don't see any all-stars coming out of there. Solid guys like Fesenko, Taurean Green, Fazekas, Dominic McGuire, Marc Gasol yes...Max players, no.

Dominic won't be a max player, just max blocks...and tasings!