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No Your Links: 10/8/07

Training camp is over, so there isn't as much going on as there was last week but there's still plenty of things going on.

  • The Wizards held an open scrimmage Saturday to close out training camp.  Arenas and Jamison didn't play so there wasn't all that much to report but there's still some great recaps available from Wizards Insider, Glenn Consor, and We're Off To See The Wizards who saw some interesting things (G-Wiz in a thong?) and got some pictures as well.  While Arenas and Jamison both didn't play in the scrimmage, both are probably going to be playing tomorrow's preseason game against Cleveland.
  • The most interesting story of the day comes from The Big Lead who has uncovered some interesting stuff about DeShawn Stevenson including his Myspace(NSFW).  I use the word interesting in italics because I'm not really sure how else to describe it.  The Hype Guy and SVP Style have their own takes on this odd bit of news.
  • Speaking of Stevenson, when did LSU stop feeling their face?
  • More hate on 33 win prediction.
  • has been doing features for each team about one player's journey to the NBA.  Today's feature was on Antawn Jamison.
  • Roger Mason clarifies why he turned down a three year deal with the Spurs in the Washington Times:
    "Obviously, San Antonio is a championship club," Mason said of the Spurs, who have won four championships in the last nine seasons. "I thought it was humbling for them to pursue me. But at the same time, I was here last year, and I thought that was a learning step for me. I got very comfortable with and learned the system. I think one thing about establishing yourself in the league is continuity. I can benefit from that."

  • The Detroit Free Press has a piece about Jarvis Hayes that included this little blurb that I'll let you analyze/ridicule:
    Besides that obstacle, the Wizards' offense, which centered on the triumvirate of Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, didn't fully take advantage of Hayes' skills as a shooter.

    Now in Detroit, he feels each one of those issues is in his past.

    "I think it's 50% the system," Hayes said, "and 50% the guys who are here already. Very unselfish, they trust their teammates, they trust in each other to get the job done. It's twofold."

  • Finally, a check of the Bullets Forever Pick 'Em.  JackPitt still holds the lead with 38 correct picks but 6 people are within 9 picks of the lead, including that dashing young fellow Jake who got 12 of 13 yesterday, making up for his abysmal 0 for 14 (because the picks didn't go through) performance last week.