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As promised, I'm going to give some thoughts on Michael Lee's post about the decline in great nicknames.  Sadly, in a world that's getting lazier by the minute most of us have resorted to the bland "first letter of the first name, first syllable of the last name" rhetoric that's produced such awe inspiring nicknames as T-Mac, J-Will, J-Kidd, J-Rich, D-Wade, D-Will, and K-Mart.  Thankfully, none of Washington's star players have names that fit this profile (G-Are? C-But? A-Jam?) which has forced fans to be more creative, and as a result, many Wizards have great nicknames.

Despite this, we've yet to coin a nickname for the Wizards' dynamic trio which I find, as a fan, unacceptable.  So I propose that we do something about this.  We are going to give these players who have pulled this team out of the depths of mediocrity and into the playoffs a nickname, and it's going to be a good one.

After the jump, some tips to get the creative juices flowing.

Geographic Relevance: Being in the nation's capital gives the Wizards more opportunities to tie in their nicknames with their surroundings than many other places, don't overlook this.  Let's face it, if the 80's Lakers had been playing in Milwaukee, they probably wouldn't have been called Showtime.

Cultural Relevance: Tying in the nickname with something that's popular and relevant right now will help us to remember these times when we reminisce years from now.  Obviously, if you can somehow incorporate Crank Dat Soulja Boy, we'll immediately have the adoration of the brothers Mottram.  A great example of this method being used would be Run TMC.  

Style of Play:  Nicknames like Showtime and Michael Jordan and the Flying Circus, don't leave questions about their style of play.  Obviously here we'd try to find something to describe the Wizards' explosive scoring, or their use of the Princeton offense.  No defensive jokes, please.

Now as for actual nickname suggestions, here's some ideas from the comments of Lee's post:

Triple Swag
Killer J.A.B.
Earth Wind and Fire (Jamison=Earth, Arenas=Wind, Butler=Fire although I have a problem with Hibachi not being fire.)
The Administration
Agent Zero and The Revolution
The Noise

And some ideas from yours truly:

3 Ring Circus
The Beltway Blitz
Generation O
Maroon 3
Backdoor Crew
Chain of Command
If they played at the Comcast Center we could call them the Comcast Triple Play, oh well.

That's all I've got, feel free to add any suggestions you have.  I think when we hear the best idea, we'll know, it'll click, just like any other great nickname.