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No Your Links: 10/5/07

  • Let's start off with some minor injury news.  Antawn Jamison bruised his chin yesterday.  Thankfully, it was only a minor injury and he was back and ready to go today until he "tweaked" his ankle.  He's questionable for tomorrow's open scrimmage, which I'm pretty sure means "We don't want to say he isn't playing and potentially drive away fans, so we're just going to say he's questionable and then not play him."
  • As always, Ivan Carter is giving great updates from camp.  He mentioned that as of right now, Nick Young is still behind Arenas, Stevenson, Daniels, and Mason on the depth chart.  Here's what Eddie Jordan had to say about Young:
    "He's taking a lot of ribbing. He's the first pick and through the history of time through the NBA, the rookies just get killed in training camp so, he's done a good job with that. With everything he's had to do, he's smiled through all of that. Basketball-wise, he has to sit there because Roger has played well and he's behind Roger, Antonio, Gil and DeShawn but he has terrific work ethic and attitude and he just has to keep working to get better as the days go along."

    How good is Roger doing this year?  Here's what Ivan had to say:
    Mason is intriguing. His jump shot has looked good all week and I've seen him do more off the dribble than he did last season. That's something he said he concentrated on this summer during workouts. One note on Roger that hasn't been mentioned: he turned down a guaranteed three-year offer from the Spurs to sign a one-year deal with the Wizards. His idea was that with a good season, he can earn a better deal next summer. It's a gamble but so far, he looks like he can help this team.
  • Speaking of Wizards Insider, Michael Lee wonders where all the great nicknames went.  I'll definitely have more on this later.
  • True Hoop thinks maybe we should just put all of this curse business to rest:
    We can't all be unlucky. Everyone has something to deal with. You have something, too? Join the club.

    It's a slog any way you slice it. Even San Antonio, through the years, has been dealt some very tough cards at times -- like every time Tim Duncan is hurt.

    All you can do, really, is hang in there.

    Remember that the next time someone tries to convince you of the curse of Les Bullez...or the Cubs.
  • What's this new season all about?
  • Here's why you'll never see LeBron root for the Pirates.
  • Nick Young might not bust into the starting lineup anytime soon, but he sure can bust a move: