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Atlantic Division NBA Previews

For the second year in a row, Jeff Clark of Celtics Blog is rounding up the best team bloggers on the internet to preview their teams.  Like last year, BF is participating, though last year it was as Bullets Fever.  Our turn doesn't come until October 25, but we did wrap up the first set of previews, the Atlantic Division teams, this week.  Here are all the previews, with predicted records alongside.

Celtics Blog: 50-32.
LOY's Place: 50-32.
Celtics 17: 50-32.
Red's Army: 49-33.
Celtics 24/7: 52-30.
Green Bandwagon: 49-33.

Hooplah Nation: 46-36.
NetsDaily.  45-37.

Straight Bangin': 36-46.
Posting and Toasting:  41-41.

Passion and Pride:  30-52.

HoopsAddict/RaptorsHQ:  48-34.
HoopsAddict: 46-36.

CelticsBlog NBA Page

I encourage everyone to read these previews, because they're all very, very good.  Kudos also to Jeff for organizing this project as well.  This is just the beginning.

Use this space to critique these previews and offer predicted records of your own.  Yes, I know that's what the competition discussions are for, but you can still discuss here.