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No Your Links: Halloween Edition

  • Mike Wise and Ivan Carter think it could be a spooky off-season for Eddie Jordan if he doesn't make the playoffs.
  • Try and guess which ghost of Wizards past said this:
  • "I wanted out of Washington. They were in a rebuilding mode. They had young guys and I was coming from playing in Detroit where we were on the verge of winning a championship, and I had worked my way up to get to that point and now I'm on a team that hadn't made the playoffs in umpteen years."

  • I'm going to be dressing up like a We Rite Goode riter for Halloween. I'll also be dressing up as a realistic We Rite Goode riter.
  • Seth of Posting and Toasting is dressing up as an elephant for Halloween. Why? Because elephants don't forget.
  • Probably the two Wizards that have the most to be scared about this season are Nick Young and Dominic McGuire. If I saw someone dressed up as Gilbert Arenas shooting me with paintballs, I'd be scared too. Especially if it was Gilbert Arenas!
  • Caron Butler isn't frightened by the prospect of Kobe coming eastward.
  • Watch as media zombies try and predict how the NBA season unfolds. Well, they're not really zombies, but I needed to keep it Halloween related.
  • Les Bullez thinks the Wizards can be the Freddy to the Celtics' Jason.
  • If you see Agent Zero dressed up as Spartacus tonight, it's probably because he's about to go to (blog) war with Green Bandwagon.
  • It doesn't get much freakier than seeing the Wizards spin around in circles.
  • Playing against Dwayne Wade and the Heat just got a lot scarier.
  • If any or all of this scared you, just remain calm. Gilbert will make you fell better.
  • UPDATE: Just got an e-mail from Dan Shanoff letting me know that he too was at the legendary meetup of bloggers at Game 3 of last season's Cavs-Wiz series, which was talked about here. He also wanted to point out that he has the Wizards winning the East, which by my count means we have one person on the bandwagon and counting. But if I could pick anyone to get the bandwagon up and running, it would definitely be Mr. Shanoff.