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No Your Links: 10/3/07

Here's some stuff you can read over while you get that taste out of your mouth...

  • John Hollinger isn't the only one not feeling optimistic about the Wizards chances this season, Tom Knott reiterates something that's been mentioned a lot regarding the Wizards' committment to defense, talk is cheap:
    The Wizards are always one of the NBA's leading defensive teams in October.

    But soon enough, when the regular season is under way, the Wizards forget the defensive applications of October and revert to who they are.

    The Wizards, out of safety concerns, stick out highway cones near the three-second lane and funnel the opposition to the basket in an orderly and predictable fashion, often late in the game, when a defensive stop would enhance their cause.

    The Wizards are inclined to grant the opposition two points in exchange for a 3-pointer, sometimes a Gilbert Arenas 30-footer that decides the outcome of the game.

  • I know all of you love the Washington Times so I don't know how risky it is for me to link to 2 things from the Times in one post but I think it's worth mentioning that the Times has started Outlet which will be blogging the Wizards throughout the season a la the Washington Post with Wizards Insider.  Of course, Etan Thomas was the main subject of the first substantiative post:
    The one thing I will say is that if he can't return to the NBA, he's probably one of the most well-adjusted professional athletes out there. He's bright - probably more intelligent than a lot of people perusing this page right now - and he has a voice and a conscience. He's not afraid to address social inequities (hello, Michael Jordan) and he genuinely cares about people. Haywood included.

  • But how will Etan's inability to play affect the rotation?  Ivan Carter has the scoop:
    Folks are asking about what Ernie Grunfeld might do if Etan Thomas can't go and the team receives an injury exemption. My question is: what can he do? Calvin Booth signed with Philly and last time I checked, there aren't that many 6-foot-11 bangers hanging out, working at Footlocker. It's my feeling that Ernie and the coaching staff would be comfortable going into the season with the big men they have. Yes, they'll have issues with the leagues true big men but how many of them are there? Shaq. Tim Duncan. Yao Ming. Eddy Curry. Dwight Howard. Big Z in Cleveland (and Brendan Haywood has played him well). KG is a problem but his body type is the kind the Wiz should be able to somewhat matchup with because they have Brendan and a Blatche, who played KG well last season.

    Eddie on the prospects of playing Andray at center in stretches: "It's what the league is sort of evolving to you know? Centers or power forwards used to be Charles Oakley and Karl Malone so he would struggle against guys like that but the league has opened up. The floor is open a little bit more. The league is more athletic. More finesse. It's still physical, no doubt about it, but more active and athletic so he sort of fits that bill a little bit. And then, he has some center skills. He's a good passer. He can catch in the post without a lot of struggle. He's shown over time that he can play defense - mostly from the help side - but we'll see if he can play one-on-one against some second line centers."

  • If you're looking for video recaps of Day 2 of practice they're available available here, here, and here.
  • If you're still confused about the whole Knicks lawsuit, Miss Gossip can give you the quick lowdown.
  • Let's hope Etan gets cleared to play soon, who else is going to keep Kobe from getting to the rim?
  • D.C. Sports Bog ranks the Wizards as having the 6th best attendance rankings in the D.C. Metro area.
  • Mustafa Redonkulous of Deuce of Davenport gives his thoughts (and a little bit of poetry) regarding the news about Etan.
  • Speaking of centers, did you hear about Kwame Brown?