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Etan update: Not good

Bad news from Wizards camp this morning: Etan Thomas' heart problem may be "career-threatening".

Veteran Washington Wizards center Etan Thomas did not participate when training camp opened Tuesday after a recent cardiac test revealed an irregularity that could potentially be career-threatening.

Thomas, who was slated to compete with Brendan Haywood for the starting center job, learned of the test results late last week following a routine physical, according to Ernie Grunfeld, the team's president. Thomas remained in Washington on Tuesday awaiting the results of further tests.

The team has not set a timeline for a possible return, and Coach Eddie Jordan indicated that he did not expect Thomas to be available before training camp breaks on Saturday.

If this remains serious, it's a backbreaker for this team, both on and off the court.  The Wizards already are lacking in quality big men even with Etan, so imagine what life will be like without him.  Only Tony Massenberg and the unproven Blatche/Pecherov duo can play any center behind Brendan Haywood.  Also, if you subscribe to the theory that the best way to motivate Haywood is to use Thomas to take away his playing time, then that option now goes by the wayside.

Off the court, Etan is deeply respected as one of the leaders of this team, and losing him could prove to be an emotional downer.  

It's still unclear when Thomas will return, but it won't be before training camp breaks Saturday.

Let's hope the best, both for Etan and for this team.