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Youtubesman Report: Backdoored

Not only has Dave Johnson been live blogging the Wizards at training camp, he's also been doing video features for the Wizards' site.  You can find him here talking with Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier about the first day of practice, and you can see some of the players (including Butler, Jamison, Young, and Pecherov) talk about their first day of practice here.  At some points Young is as understandable as Pecherov, which is really saying something considering that Pecherov wasn't speaking English.  But the thing I really wanted to showcase was Dave's report from the first practice:

Near the end they talk about Pete Carril who was down at the camp today.  Carril was the coach at Princeton for almost 30 years in which time he both developed and mastered the Princeton offense that the Wizards employ.  His dedication to the game earned the respect of his coaching peers like Nolan Richardson and John Thompson:

It's a pretty big compliment when the man who came up with "40 Minutes of Hell" doesn't want to face your offense.  When Pete starts to teach from his vast amount of basketball knowledge it demands the ear of all who listen, and you know Nick Young will be paying the most attention because as a former Trojan, he's always going to listen to someone who knows how to beat UCLA (As told by Gus Johnson, no not that one):