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Darkhorse Update

I get the distinct feeling that the new trade rumors won't just die down overnight so I might as well mention that Ernie Grunfeld had this to say regarding to latest trade rumors:

"I don't normally comment on rumors but there is no truth to this rumor.  We've never had any conversations with the Lakers or with anyone else about Gilbert."

Of course, I can't really envision a scenario in which Ernie would say that he is considering trading his star player but I think how quickly and forcefully Grunfeld came down on this would lead me to say that the Kobe rumors are just that.  Ivan Carter argues at Wizards Insider why a trade is unlikely and for the record I agree with him, although part of argument hinges on the assumption that the Lakers' front office is doing their jobs, which is highly debatable.  

If the trade actually happens, we might need some good monitor cleaner for The Court Reporters.