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Youtubesman Report: G-Wiz cranks dat thong

One link before we hit the 'tubes.  We're Off To See The Wizards has their season preview up.  Make sure to check it out, not only because it's good but because it helps me lead into the first video.  WOTSTW went down to see the Wizards scrimmage at VCU a few weeks ago and mentioned that G-Wiz did the Soulja Boy and then took off his clothes, but they couldn't get a picture of it.  Thankfully, someone got (sporadic) video of this bizarre occasion:

Believing that the Wizards are harder, better, faster, and stronger than last year is one thing.  Making a highlight reel about it is another thing:

One of the Wizards who fits the billing of getting harder, better, faster, and stronger is Andray Blatche who also got better at being more kid friendly in the off season:

Oh, and if you didn't believe the first time, here's Nick Young going for the 360 behind the back from another angle: