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No Your Links: 10/29/07

  • I guess all the buzz right now is surrounding the Kobe-Arenas talks.  Here's what Brett Edwards of FanHouse had to say about the possible deal:
    I agree that the Lakers will not see a better offer than this one, in terms of bringing a legitimate superstar back to L.A. in return for Kobe. We all know Gilbert is the real deal, and he also has the personality to make the fans at least a little bit okay with losing the league's best player. As for the Wizards, Arenas is going to opt-out after this season (if only to get a max deal), and I think most teams would choose Kobe over Gilbert if it's going to cost them relatively the same amount of money.

    So would Kobe waive his no-trade clause and accept a deal to the Wizards? I think so. Remember, Kobe became close friends with Caron Butler before the Lakers traded him, and he would probably be very happy to be reunited with him in the Eastern Conference. All Kobe wants is a chance to get back to competing deep into the playoffs, and based on how LeBron was able to single-handedly take a team to the Finals in the East last year, I think Kobe would like his chances to do the same in Washington.

    I post this because I still really don't know what to think about this deal.

  • If you were hoping to get at look at Oleksiy Pecherov against Indiana, don't bother, he injured his ankle and won't be available for a while.
  • A preseason recap and a feature of Dominic McGuire can be found at newly re-designed  Of course, they're not the only Wizards related site to undergo a re-design.
  • If you thought the exchange of words between Etan Thomas and Ivan Carter was over, you were wrooooong.
  • The Basketball Jones has their NBA predictions and compares Nick Young to Nick Cannon.
  • Some Gilbert Arenas stuff: Bog gives his last thoughts before the season starts and he gives Dime a preview of the Eastern Conference.