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Start the hype, believe the hype

Nick Skywalker.  May the hops be with you.
(Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty)

Nick Young is going to win the Dunk Contest this year.  You may laugh at me now, but unless James White hooks up with some team later in the year I see no reason why Young can't deliver a Slam Dunk title to D.C. in February.  Check out this tidbit from Ivan Carter:

The 6-foot-6 Young is an explosive leaper with long arms and big hands so he's able to do some special things in the air. He also has some creativity as evidenced by his most impressive dunk during Friday's impromptu show.

Young tossed the ball in the air, ran and caught it off the bounce as he was completing a 360-degree turn and then flipped the ball between his legs before throwing it down with one hand. He was serenaded with cheers from stunned teammates.

Yowza.  That's like combining this and this and throwing in a toss as well.  We also know he can throw this one down too:

Would it be to cliché to say that the sky is the limit for Nick Young in the dunk contest?