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Sunday open thread

Predict our won-loss record.


Ohbytheway, we'll save this for after the season is over to see who nailed our record.

I'm saying 46-36, and Jake's saying 47-35.  What do you all say?

Update [2007-10-28 13:7:7 by Pradamaster]: Here's the list so far. I'm including some people's predictions from this post, but feel free to change those.

Pradamaster: 46-36.
JakeTheSnake: 47-35.
Vanilla Gorilla: 50-32.
sierradave: 51-31.
finkad01: 45-37.
AL: 43-39.
kdp922: 51-31.
miesteresean: 42-40.
wizfan514: 48-34.
josh: 49-33.
Romans12: 49-33.
Asian Zero: 47-35.
mamemimo: 45-37.
mlarroca: 43-39.