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No Your Links: 10/27/07

  • Want some more previews of teams in the Southeast?  CelticsBlog has the goods:

    Washington Wizards
    Bullets Forever

    Orlando Magic
    Believing in Magic
    Third Quarter Collapse

    Miami Heat
    I Want to be a Sports Agent
    Crazy from the Heat

    Atlanta Hawks
    Impending Firestorm
    Atlanta Hawks Blog

    Charlotte Bobcats
    Bobcat Bonfire

    CelticsBlog NBA Page

  • Want some more season previews for the Wizards?  ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Athlon Sports, and Welcome to The Now have you covered.  BF user Asian Zero also has a preview up over at SportsTwo.
  • Hoops Addict on the Wizards last night:
    The Wizards without Arenas are going nowhere fast. Jamison and Butler, while more than competent, cannot hope to keep the team in games without a rebounder like Etan Thomas and a bench that is far from solid. In many ways, when I look at this Wizards team, I believe that it depends so heavily on its "Big 3″ it reminds me about how frail the Celtics can be as well. Granted, the Celtic's big 3 are far more acclaimed and have produced consistent All-Star calibre play for their entire careers, but that same question remains in my mind. We saw the Wizards sink like a rock at the end of last year, and one wonders if the same fate lies for the Celtics should one of their 3 fall.

  • The Sports Flow has the Wizards losing to Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Golden State of Mind isn't nearly as high on the Wiz.
  • Ahh, the life of Wizards rookies.  No word on if they wear their boxers inside out so they don't have to wash them as much.
  • DeShawn's improved performance against the Raptors last night might have had something to do with Eddie Jordan calling him out before the game.
  • A little more fallout from the Pistons game on Wednesday.  Pistons' first round pick Rodney Stuckey broke his hand during the game, which you hate to see.  It always stinks when someone gets injured before the season starts.  On the bright side for Pistons fans, at least Jarvis Hayes looks good.  Need4Sheed (or should I say Need4Amir?) had this to say:
    "This guy is going to shine in Detroit, just like all the rest of the former Wizards/Bullets that have put on a Pistons uni."

    If Jarvis does end up performing better in Detroit, it may be because he didn't have the "comfortable feeling" in his knee:
    "Physically I was there. Other than a little tendinitis, I felt fine physically but I was still thinking about it. In the back of my mind, I was still a little hesitant, especially in the post or when I would take the ball to the basket. Now, I'm just playing my game and it feels great."

  • Mike Wise has an incredible (and incredibly long) feature on Gilbert Arenas.  Awesome stuff.