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No Your Links: 10/24/07

  • The Big Lead previewed the Southeast division today, here's what they had to say about the Wizards:
    Fourth in the NBA in scoring last year - they may challenge Phoenix for tops this year. We can't wait for Nick Young to emerge as a threat on offense, though it will be tough with chuckers like Agent Zero and MeShawn Stevenson hoggin' in. Just a thought - should the Wiz consider parting with, say, Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison (hell, throw in Antoino Daniels if that'll make `em happy), in an effort to get Jermaine O'Neal? Without a post-player, this team isn't making the NBA Finals. The depressing Etan Thomas news means two things: 1) less turmoil with Brenda Haywood and 2) someone who isn't used to playing big (hooker-lover Andray Blatche?) will need to bulk up, fast.

    I get the feeling you'll have some comments on their preview. I can't say that I agree with them myself, but The Big Lead is still a great blog so I won't
  • NBA TV also has their Wizards' preview for the season:

    I get the feeling that you all won't be fans of this preview either.
  • You may remember yesterday how Etan Thomas blasted the Post and the Times for their reporting of his condition.  That didn't sit well with Ivan Carter who, as you can probably guess, isn't very happy with the Big Poet today.
  • I know there's no shot of it happening, and I know that it wouldn't make any sense for Ernie Grunfeld to pursue, but is it wrong of me to want the Wizards to go after Derrick Byars?
  • DC Pro Sports Report is excited (and rightfully so, I might add) about the Wizards' rookie class.