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Youtubesman Report: This is what it will be like this June (maybe)

This video doesn't really need all that much of an introduction, but I'll give one nevertheless.  It's 1978, Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the clock has just run out.  That's all you need to know to enjoy this:

If you look closely you'll see Bobby Dandridge (#8 on the BF Top 20) getting recognized as Finals MVP right before he gets interviewed.  After that they talk to Greg Ballard who is sporting some sideburns that Antonio Daniels needs to look into sporting too.  Mitch Kupchak is also interviewed in this clip.  In the extended version they ask him about the latest Kobe rumors (zing!).  Finally, they talk to Elvin Hayes who for some reason reminds me of Gilbert Arenas when he talks.