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No Your Links: 10/22/07

  • The League is up, and everyone in the league got e-mailed so check your inbox.  If it isn't included, here's the login info for the league:
    League ID: 127081
    Password: swag

    Once you're registered, you can add this to your bookmarks and while you're there check out the settings for the league.  If you have a problem with it feel free to make a ruckus.  Also, once you make up your team name if you could just leave a comment saying what it is that would be a huuuuuuge help.  As of right now, I'm TaserTown but that's up for change if I can think of something better.

  • Speaking of fantasy basketball, I wouldn't recommend drafting Adam Morrison.  Last year's #3 pick tore his ACL and is out for the year.  Tom Ziller argues that this makes the Bobcats better.
  • The Cavs seem to be stuck in negotiations with Anderson Varejao so they might settle for the next best thing, Charles Oakley?
  • Ivan Carter has great articles on Dominic McGuire and Andray Blatche.  Speaking of great young duos, make sure you check out the latest vlog and try to figure out where Gilbert hid Nick Young's car.  My guess is that Caron buried it somewhere.
  • Block of the night...George Muresan?  (HT: Dime Magazine) UPDATE: It's gone now. If you missed it, listed the block of the night to George (that's how they spelled it) Muresan instead of David Harrison.
  • Blatche, Andray: Records a triple-double wearing nothing but underwear
  • Draft Express has their Wizards preview up.
  • Tom Knott says that the Wizards, along with the Bulls, Raptors, and Pistons will make up the top 4 in the East.