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Bullets Forever Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball: not to be confused with your basketball fantasies, like wishing that the Wizards had drafted Tyson Chandler over Kwame Brown.
Having a fantasy basketball league was first brought up here and then further talked about here and now it looks like we are on our way to our first ever fantasy league here at Bullets Forever.  Of course, we had the NCAA Tourney Pick 'Em last March and the ongoing Football Pick 'Em but this is the first year that we're actually doing a true fantasy league where we pick players and try to build a team.  As of right now we've got 9 players:
  • Pradamaster (obviously)
  • JakeTheSnake (again, duh)
  • mamemimo
  • sierradave
  • finkad01
  • sierradave kdp922
  • Josh
  • miestersean
  • hotplate
  • AL

The goal is try and have 12 players which means there's still 3 2 open spots.  If there's enough demand, we'll open up a second league for anyone else who still wants to play.  As we try and get this going, there's five important questions (that aren't to be confused with the CelticsBlog preview) that need to be asked.

Q: When's the draft time?
A: As of right now, the draft is scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m.  If that's a problem feel free to say so, I can't guarantee that we find a way to please everyone but hopefully we can find a way to please as many as possible.

Q: What service are we using?
A: Good question, the answer is I have no clue.  I originally was planning on going with Yahoo(!) but the only slots open on Friday are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., which doesn't work for us.  (Unless a certain Wizards fan who might have been hired by Yahoo wants to hook us up.)  With that said, I believe that leaves,, and CBS Sportsline as options.  I don't really have experience with any of them so again I'm open to suggestions here as well.

Q: Are there going to be any weird scoring rules?
A: Probably not, unless you want to give bonus points for "bank shots" or something cool like that.

Q: Can I talk smack?
A: Of course!  Try to keep it within the guidelines, but other than that go nuts.  I'll try and keep tabs with a "Smack Wall of Fame" or something like that.

Q: Can I call my team "The Thong Song(aila)?
A: No.

UPDATE: Check the comments for the new details.