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No Your Links: 10/17/07

  • Let's start off with an obvious fact: I'm a terrible person for not telling you that Gilbert updated his blog this weekend. Included in his very, very long entry is his defense against those that accuse him of cheating at Halo. BF reader facedkr posted a diary basically saying that he didn't buy Gilbert's "circular logic" and that he hopes that Gil is as obsessed with Halo as he is with improving his D. While we won't see how his defense has improved until the season gets underway, at least the circular logic was cleared up.
  • Wizznutzz gives their perspective on the interview. I especially liked the "The" part.
  • We're Off To See The Wizards also got in on the interviewing action, pulling down an interview with the Gar Heard Robot.
  • Last Second Shot and The Sporting News have their Wizards' previews up.
  • If you've never been to The Basketball Jones before then you won't notice that they have a new site design. If you have, then you know that their Central and Southwest division previews are up.
  • Who was the MVP of training camp this year? Caron Butler.
  • The Wizards take on Lithuanian team Zalgiris Kaunas tomorrow, here's a couple of breakdowns to wet your appetite.