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Open thread: Preseason Game 4

Preseason Game 4
Wizards (3-0) vs. Bulls (1-1)
United Center
8:30 p.m.

I'll have more later, but I have a midterm in two hours.  In the meantime, this is an open game thread, so debate the merits of this odd photo caption (HT: True Hoop) or Gilbert taking panties here.

Update [2007-10-16 22:37:1 by Pradamaster]: It's halftime (well it was when I started), and this game is really boring me, so here are a couple things to read in the meantime.

First, the NBA Blog Previews reached the halfway point with the Central Division. Here are the links, with predicted records.

Chicago Bulls
Cobra Brigade: 52-30
Bull Riding: 56-26

Cleveland Cavaliers
YAYSports!: 51-31
The POJO Dojo: 50-32
Cavalier Attitude: 52-30
Truth in a Bullet Fedora: 55-27.

Detroit Pistons
PistonsNationBlog: 52-30
Empty The Bench: 51-31
Need4Sheed: 51-31.
Motoring: 50-32

Indiana Pacers
Indy Cornrows: 40-42
Pacers Pulse: 43-39.

Milwaukee Bucks
Bango's Bunch: 44-38

CelticsBlog NBA Page

Also see: Southwest Previews | Atlantic Previews


Obviously, this is bloggers' optimism at it's best. I'll gladly participate in a triathlon if both Milwaukee and Indiana win 40 games this year (okay, fine, maybe not). Strangely enough, the Detroit and Chicago previews seemed very reasonable to me, so maybe I'm overrating the difference between the top and the bottom of this division. On second thought, probably not.

Speaking of the NBA Blog Previews, our turn is coming on October 25, and I'm hoping everyone can contribute. I'm going to post the recommended structure below, so go ahead and give your answers in the comments or in another diary. The plan is to scrap that structure and write something that's more free-flowing, featuring text and YouTube videos courtesy Jake, because I'd rather our preview not be so formulaic. To go along with that theme, I'd like to use your thoughts as well. We're a community, after all.

1. What significant moves were made in the offseason?
2. What are the team's biggest strengths?
3. What are the team's biggest weaknesses?
4. What are the goals for this team?
5. (Insert your own question here)?
Predicted Record:
We'll then run three predicted records: mine, Jake's, and the average for everyone else.

More later after this ugly game finally concludes.