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No Your Links: 10/15/07

  • Let's start off with some things that you might not have caught if you don't read the comments section.  First, while the BF-Wizznutzz interview was great, it wasn't the first time that they've been interviewed.  Bobtimist Prime of DC Optimist was able to do an interview with them a few years ago.  Secondly, you may remember that BF commenter Vanilla Gorilla said he'd be at the game on Saturday night, here's his observations from the game.
  • Speaking of observations from comments, someone at DC Sports Bog found an interesting way to get tickets to a Wizards' game.
  • If the preseason is any indication, expect to see more fast breaks and pick and rolls out of the Wizards this season.
  • Dime Magazine notes that Roger Mason "looks like a DeShawn Stevenson Starter Kit" which I found oddly amusing for some reason.
  • If Roger looks like a DeShawn starter kit, than Gilbert Arenas is the complete set, or he's just very disrespected.
  • has their season previews up for all 30 teams.  As part of the preview, they simulate the new season using NBA Live '08.  In the simulation, the Wizards finish at 46-36, good enough for third in the East but lose in the first round to the Heat in 7 games.  
  • Caron Butler and this year's two rookies are going to be vlogging for the Wizards this season.  They also have some highlights from the Dallas game at George Mason on Saturday that are worth a look, seeing as how the game wasn't on TV.
  • Clips Nation has the newest Carnival of the NBA out full of NBA blog post and Youtube goodness.
  • The White President is back on top of the Bullets Forever Pick 'Em Pool after a tough week for jackpitt puts him one pick out of first.  The only picker who had a worse week was the Sunday-Monday editor guy, who forgot to make his picks this week and I'm sure whoever that guy is, probably feels like an idiot right now.
  • Just in case anyone was wondering what the title for the Wizznutzz interview was all about, I'll clue you in.  When I first asked if Darvin would be interested in an interview he said that he'd would love to and added that "wizznutzz and Bullets 4Ever r like Malone and Malone of DC blogging!!!"
  • BONUS LINK: Dave Zirin has a great article on Etan Thomas at In fact, it's not just a great read, it's a must-read. As in, you don't have a choice, you have to read it. No exceptions.