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Open thread: Preseason Game 3

Preseason Game 3:
Wizards (2-0) vs. Sixers (0-2)
Wachovia Center
6 p.m.
CSN, you can also find the Wizards' blogcast here.

Eddie Jordan said during training camp that this year's team is the most well conditioned team he's ever had and tonight will be their first real test of that as they play one night after a close win against the Mavs.  There's still no definitive word on if Arenas will be playing tonight but we'll see what happens.  If I were a betting man, I'd say that they'll probably sit him tonight and keep that knee fresh.

Aside from that, here's some other things to keep your eye on tonight:

DeShawn Stevenson: Quick, how many points has Mister 50 scored this preseason?  If you guessed 5, you'd be right.  I'm not looking for an epic scoring output out of him tonight, just enough output to make me less concerned than I am right now.

Shooting Percentages: The Wizards have held the Cavs and the Mavs to a lower shooting percentage than they did last year, but they've also only shot 35% and 36% from the field respectively.  I understand the team is still getting used to each other and all but they're capable of shooting much better than that.  In that same vein, the Wizards haven't shot over 70% at the line in either game, which also needs to be better.

Young vs. Young: Which rookie performs better tonight, Thaddeus or Nick?

Of course, this will be Calvin Booth's first game against the Wizards' since signing with Philly, which will be ever-so-slightly awkward.  But you all knew that.

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