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The Etan injury basketball-related discussion thread

I'm still gathering my thoughts about Etan's heart problems, and a part of me still feels bad talking about the basketball implications when a player on my favorite team is having heart surgery.  But while I'm still not sure how to react, I figure we should have a place for all of you to react.

As a disclaimer, it's okay to discuss the basketball implications only here.  If you feel that this is a good thing for the Wizards because it means more time for Haywood and Blatche, don't feel bad about saying it.  I trust everyone here is hoping for the best about Etan the person.

Let's assume that Etan Thomas is out for, if not the entire season, then a significant portion of it.  How does this affect the team?  What do we lose by not having Etan there?  Should we sign another big man?  Was it a mistake, in hindsight, to get rid of Calvin Booth?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Haywood?  Could this be a blessing in disguise for the team (obviously, not for Etan)?  

Discuss.  I'll have more later.