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Anderson Varejao isn't the only one blown away by Antonio Daniels' efficiency

I'm not exactly sure how I missed this the first time that I read TrueHoop's interview with John (33-49) Hollinger, but an e-mail from a BF reader pointed out something I didn't notice the first time I read this.  Apparently Hollinger is surprised by Antonio Daniels' efficiency:

Are there any players out there that you never really noticed or cared about, but then saw they had surprisingly good PER numbers? Or have you pretty much gotten to the point where you can see good PER in real time?

For the most part it's the latter, but there are exceptions. Like Antonio Daniels. For some reason every summer when I sit down to write I'm like, "Wow, his PER was that good?"

Then again, I can't really blame Hollinger for underrating Daniels, it's not like AD led the league in assist-to-turnover ratio or anything.  Of course PER isn't solely based on how well you distribute the ball, but have you seen a player with a good A/T ratio not have a good PER?  Gary Payton last year doesn't count.