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BREAKING: Etan Thomas to undergo non-life-threatening heart surgery

Ivan Carter has the details.

The Wizards announced a short while ago that Etan Thomas will undergo surgery to repair a leak of the aortic valve in his heart tomorrow. The situation is not thought to be life threatening and neither Thomas nor the team has discussed his basketball future.

That's excellent news that it isn't life threatening, but let's all wish the best for him before we even think about him coming back to play.

Get well, Etan!

Update [2007-10-10 21:43:51 by Pradamaster]: An update from Ivan says that Etan will likely be out the entire season, but does list similar players (Ronny Turiaf) who recovered sooner. Obviously, this is too bad for the Wizards, but at this point, I'm just happy Etan is going to be okay. We'll worry about ramifications later.