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Hey, how are those former Wizards doing?

After seeing some good performances from some of the young talent we have, I think it's time that we take a quick look back at two former draft picks of the Wizards who didn't pan out as well.

First comes this great quote from Phil Jackson via D.C. Pro Sports Report:

Jackson said Brown shot about 500 shots during practice. Asked what Brown's free-throw percentage, Jackson said "about 80."

Jackson smiled and then came the barb.

"About 80 out of 500," Jackson chided, laughing.

You know its going to be nothing but smooth sailing for Kwame when his 9-time NBA Finals champion coach (who coached Shaq, by the way) is making fun of your free throws.

Jarvis Hayes also seems to be making an impression with his new team.  Here's the report on Hayes' performance last night from Need4Sheed MLive:

Looks like Jarvis Hayes has the green light to shoot the ball. He was 5 for 13, taking the most shots of any Piston.

Now I don't want to squelch optimism and I certainly don't want this to come across as some sort of dis on Need4Sheed, who along with Detroit Bad Boys arguably has the best 1-2 blogging punch for any team in the league.  I just want to warn Pistons fans ahead of time, the person that gave Jarvis Hayes the green light was probably...Jarvis Hayes.