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No Your Links: 10/1/07

Today was media day for the Wizards so there's a lot of links to go around, let's dig in shall we?

  • At the aforementioned media day, the Wizards showed off their slightly altered home uniforms which you can see here and here.
  • Ivan Carter talked to Brendan about his summer and the rumors that he demanded a trade this off-season:
    "I never came out and said that I didn't want to be here. There were a lot of articles written but there was never a direct quote from myself or Ernie Grunfeld about what was said in that meeting so, like I said, if you didn't hear it from me, it's not the truth. I'm happy to be here and we'll see what goes on during the season."

    Take that for what you will. Steinz also talked with BTH and got this quote from him regarding his relationship with Etan Thomas:

    "Three fights, man, that's a lot for two guys huh?" he said. "That's exactly what I told somebody, Ali and Frazier only fought three times, that's got to be the end for me and Etan. I think at the end of the day we both have mutual respect...and I think we realize at the end of the day we're embarrassing ourselves, our team and our family every time we go out there and act silly. You can always talk something out before you fight, you can't just get mad and try to fight somebody. He's a peace activist, he can't do that anyway."
  • Bethlehem Shoals gives his take on today's Times article, and it's not all that optimistic:
    This team has to succeed without a decent big man. Why? Because they can't get one without blowing up their Big Three. Going small on principle is one thing; the Wizards have made a pact with the devil where they have no option but to win with minimal help from Etan Thomas or Brendan Haywood. Maybe if they ran a "system" that regularly exploited their speed and versatility, but sadly, Eddie Jordan doesn't. At least not as far as I can tell.

    Were big men a more common commodity, the Wizards could extend their shelf life by getting one. Unfortunately, that's not going to be an option, so get ready for a rebuilding phase in our nations' capitol.

  • Speaking of links from Fanhouse, the Hawks want to make it clear that they're not rebuilding anymore.
  • Training camp starts tomorrow, make sure you have everything packed.
  • Just in case you missed it, Gilbert McLovin has a cartoon coming out soon.
  • Who would've thought LeBron would have a worse supporting cast on SNL than he did in the NBA Finals?
  • While we're on the subject of the Cavs, is it just me is Drew Gooden trying to mimic Gwen Stefani's style?

If you have any other links (I'm sure I forgot some) post them in the comments.