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New Additions is reporting that the Wizards have signed 3 extra players for training camp which starts tomorrow.  Jamon Gordon, Willie Dean, and Tony Massenburg.  Gordon and Dean are undrafted seniors out of Virginia Tech and Purdue respectively.  Massenburg is the interesting one here, he's 40 and he hasn't played since 2005 but he's had quite the career.  Let's review the teams he played for:

Massenburg was drafted by the Spurs in 1990 and played with them for a year.  In 1991 he got looks from Boston, Charlotte (back when they were the Hornets), New Jersey, and the Spurs again.  Tony wouldn't get another shot in the NBA until '94 when he was signed by the Clippers for a year.  Following one year in L.A., Massenburg went to Philly followed by a quick stop in Toronto.  Then he played with New Jersey again, Vancouver for 2 years, a year in Houston, 2 more years with Vancouver/Memphis, and then he played one year with Utah, one year with Sacramento, and one year with San Antonio, where he started his career.  Are you still with me?  No?  Well I tried.  You can look at his stats here.

No word yet on if the Wizards are looking to add Gazo to the training camp squad.