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50 or Bust?

Tom Knott of the Washington Times, has a column up about the Wizards today and he says this year is make or break for the Wizards.

The Wizards either win 50 games and go deep into the playoffs this season or the brain trust's devotion to continuity and chemistry is likely to succumb to a series of changes.

In a worst-case scenario, that could mean the departures of Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and coach Eddie Jordan, either by choice in the case of Arenas and Jamison or by pink slip in the case of Jordan.

That is the reality before the Wizards, unsettling though it may be.

The franchise has evolved beyond the point of being satisfied with a playoff berth after three consecutive postseason appearances.

Gilbert has already gone out and said that anything less than a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals would be a "failure."  Obviously, we all know that the Wizards have to improve on last year's record to keep Gilbert and to a lesser extent, the new fans that have come thanks to his popularity.  In the latest poll, only 12% of you thought that the Wizards could put up more than 50 wins this season, so the big question are:

1. Where would you draw the line between good season and a disappointing one?  
2. Will the Wizards have to make the ECF to ensure that they keep Gilbert?

Feel free to drop your two cents in the comments.