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Washington 111 Toronto 116: Layup Drills

This predestrian recap is brought to you by funny shirt tags...

The short and sweet version of this game was: Toronto played very well for 43 minutes and got nervous the final 5 and it was the complete opposite for Washington.

Those last few minutes notwithstanding, the Wizards decided that defense was a made up concept like the Loch Ness, pixies and Kwame Brown's interior game. Thus was the allowed 40 pts in the paint for the Dinos -- a LOT of them from layups.

'Tawn, you're too close to him! Remember what we said, "give them at least 5 feet!"

Now I guess credit goes to the overwhelming presence Chris Bosh commands; where you often found Arenas hovering on either TJ Ford or Jose Calderon. And when they played Bosh straight, he'd blow by whoever's defending him, be it Brenda, Jamie or JARVIS HAYES!

The Big 3 went over *again* (damn you Butler for knocking down that 3 -- I was gonna get the Under on you guys!) And you probably got fooled on Gil's 33pts since he had a horrible shooting game (7 for 19) but went to the line 21 times.

But Raptors were very active and had more energy from the get go. I'd say the 'party hangover' had a lingering effect on the guys' tempo since it was an afternoon game (that they had to travel to)

Anyways, with this wrapup, it's probably my last post subbing here at Bullets Forever. I had a blast, which honestly was due to the crazy week, but was fun nonetheless. I was close to infiltrating the SBNation HQ... maybe next time... and Pradamaster should be back within a moment's notice.

And remember peeps: keep your swag phenomenal.