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Birf-day Bash Aftermath

A couple hits to get you all caught up on the LOVE-fest.

WizzNutzz deserves first linkage as their 1500 word party recapzz is just oozing with goodies:

Everyone who had been on the first floor had now crowded into the second. Strickland was forcing his way towards the cake, with Kevin Duckworth in tow. Agent Zero somehow emerged in the center of the cake and got a giant piece. He held it up for us to see. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting. After downing the whole thing in three giant mouthfuls, he threw the empty plate 35 feet towards the corner of the room, where it crashed into a trash can. "Swag!" Gil yelled, and the crowd exploded.

FanHouse sweetheart Miss Gossip rushed back from vacation to snap a picture outside the club.

If you somehow believe that pic was "photoshopy" or "fake", then you are heartless. But for some more life-like pics, I direct you to Getty Images and Gilbertogy but make sure you click on this one, classic.

Going back to the FanHouse just a bit, Jamie Mottram is always thinking of us bloggers, thus there is video of the happenings (oh I WILL get drunk)

More insider pic which includes our leader, Money Mottram.

And Unsilent Majority recounts the event, in his own words. Which we are all thankful for:

UM: The crowd was great, more sideboob than you could shake a stick at. Obviously predominantly Black but the number of Persian girls was out of control.

BS: Did you see Dan Steinberg there?

UM: No Steinz. There was a bunch of media there. Lots of expensive-looking cameras attached to uncomfortable white people.

Ah, sorry to hear that. But Boganator at least gets the gift of being around those guys all year.