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Washington 116 LA Clippers 105: Where's Your Arenas Express Card?

Man, I really wish I was at the party. Just to see Eddie Jordan at the bar drawing up a diagram in order flank and mack on the ladies...

Ivan "the great" Carter provides the recap

As players quickly dressed and filed out of the Washington locker room in order to get to Arenas's birthday bash at a downtown nightclub, they did so with wide smiles and an extra bounce in their step.

"Early on in the season there was no smiling, no high-fives, it didn't look like we were having much fun," said Butler, who boosted his scoring average to a career-best 20.9 points per game. "But now, guys are kind of vibing off each other and that's what basketball is all about: having fun, loving what you are doing and winning. It's just a real nice vibe right now."