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Happy Super Duper Fly Day!

Yes yes, Gil's real b-day is actually tomorrow (I know because I got one of those tattoo artists from Miami Ink to carve out the exact date on my arm...) But as you all are well aware, after the game is the party (and after the party is the afterparty) where the likes of Diddy and a whole bunch of folks with lipgloss that is worth more than my family's income is in attendance. Which btw: Gil, I think my invite was lost in the Canada Post head office in Nunavut, please re-send asap!!

For your professional roundup, the Bog-man is always on top of things (probably because he's paid and I'm not.. that's still a working theory of mine) So if you feel like going on an orgy of link adventures, head over here where Steinz is nice enough of give us a happy shout-out (awww) Gots to work on something crazy important, so I'll be back later with the game threads y'all.