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Open Thread and Contest: Game 32

Regular Season Game 32
LA Clippers (15-17) at Wizards (18-13)
Verizon Center
7 PM

Previous Results: none! unless you want to count the March 25th game of 2006 where the Clipse smacked the Wizards around.

Some previewing: Know Your Chris Kaman

Dunleavy and assistant Kim Hughes, who works with the big men, have instructed Kaman to dribble only once before making his move toward the basket.

He made his first six shots from the field, finished nine of 12 and scored 20 points in 43 minutes. Heat center Alonzo Mourning — a two-time NBA defensive player of the year — struggled while guarding Kaman for most of the game.

"He's got the ability to score over big guys," Dunleavy said. "He's got the left hand, the right hand, and he just takes the ball away from [defenders] and scores. Zo is a shot blocker, and those guys typically come from the weak side and get you unless you just put it right back into them.

Clipse blogs: ClipperBlog, Clips Nation

Your lines for tonight (via Vegas Insider)

Clippers at Wizards: Wiz by 5.5
Over/Under on Big 3: 70.5 points.

As a reminder, measure twice, cut once... oh yeah and: this is an open game thread, so post away as you watch/listen.