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Some reactions

Let's see what the peeps around the world has to say:

The BOG-ster, Dan Steinberg's recount of just about everybody going giddy like 4 year old girl.

All the ushers were hollering and clapping. Some kid touched Gilbert when he left the court; "Don't wash it, don't touch anything," his dad was telling him. "That was awesome!" some other kid kept saying. Then I walked into the locker room, and Brendan Haywood and Blatche were sitting next to each other and giggling about Gil.
Some lockerroom stuff is even caught on video (that's not working on my 1987 MS-DOS.. darn it to hell!)

Mike Wise sez:

Arenas has blown up into a larger star nationally -- and regionally -- than any injured running back on a sorry 5-11 squad could imagine. He is throwing his own birthday party tomorrow night at a posh club in the District, a bash whose guest list could usurp most White House state dinners. You think Jamie Foxx is making Kobe's b-day? On the 2007 list, Carmelo and Kobe are out and Gilbert is in.
The main point of his article is actually about not changing up the chemistry.. but pfft that, I'm looking for gushy quotes!

Michael Lee, not to be confused with Bruce Lee, sees signs that this Wizards team can be the top class of the East

But after seeing Gilbert Arenas cocksurely spin and walk off the court before his 32-foot bomb splashed through the nets last night -- and, really, what was the harm in that? Either you make it and look like Larry Legend, or you grab a towel and a seat on the bench and get ready for overtime -- I'm really starting to take Eddie Jordan's preseason chatter to heart: This team could really be in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And finally, move out of the way Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer--your Gilbert Arenas FACTS from Jake. My fav:

Gilbert can kill you 15 different ways in Halo 2.  Nine of which don't even involve the controller.