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So Hype kind of stole my thunder already (I guess he was too excited after the shot last night), but I might as well say goodbye and fill you guys in with what's going down.

I'm going to be on vacation without much intenet access until Sunday afternoon.  If you're wondering why I'm going on vacation now at this strange time, then keep wondering, because it doesn't make much sense.  Let's just say I have a certain special person to visit and leave it at that.

In your place, Howie (aka "Hype") from NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness will be here.  Howie's about 500 times funnier than me, which bodes well for that incredible comment by Jake the Snake (please put this in a diary!  It's too good!).  

Speaking of diaries, now would be the perfect time to start writing them, so go click on the "Diaries" section to help Howie out.  If you desperately need me, I don't really know what to tell you, but you can ask Howie anything; he'll probably know what to do.

I'll be back Sunday, but until then, go Wiz!