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Hey! Buck Off!

Woah. What a way to jump in on someone else's blog huh? Let me just say this first of all, re: last night's game winner: DAMMMMMMN son! If you were part of the unlucky souls like me, be
sure to read, and then re-read the recap, or just scroll down a couple pixels, you know, whichever. There is also video evidence of the event over at, if you're into that sort of thing.

Now that you now where my loyalties lie. A lil' intro to your sub for the next couple of days. Around the 'net, I go by the handle TheHype, I run my little world/NBA blog called NBA Basketball & Other Unrelatedness which you may or may not have seen over here. Please, feel free to go over there (I suggest at least 3 or 4 times a day) and look around, and eventually, get some Gilbert related tees while your at it!

Okie, enough site/self-pimpage. My purpose, from the scrolls of Pradamaster, is to keep things smooth around here while he's conducting Jack Bauer-esque missions. I'll be back later on to keep ya up to date on the various Wizardry goodies as best I can in upcoming "real" posts.

And hopefully, god willing, I won't accidentally blow up the entire SBNation or something. (crosses fingers)