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Wizards 105, Celtics 91

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This is exactly the type of win the Wizards should have against every bad team.  Solid, workmanlike, unspectacular, but still enough for a comfortable double-digit victory.

There was no Gilbert Arenas bailing the team out of an uneven performance, and they didn't allow some no-name guy to have a career game.  The Wizards may have waited until the second half to break the game open, but when the Celtics made a run to get to within 4 in the fourth quarter, the Wizards responded, ripping off a 21-4 run to put the game away.

Antawn Jamison continued a renaissance of sorts with another 30+ point game.  Jamison has regained the ability to dominate traditional power forwards on the perimeter, as he abused Al Jefferson all night.  Jamison hit half of his threes and 13 of his 22 shots on the night.  He even played good defense, holding Jefferson to 7 points on 3 of 12 shooting.  Granted, it probably wasn't all him, but Jamison was a big part of the Wizards dominance on the glass (51-38 rebounding advantage).  

Gilbert Arenas had a workmanlike 23 points despite struggling from the field.  He did shoot only 6 of 16, but did a good job getting to the line, shooting 12 free throws.  Earlier in the season, Arenas would have shot the Wizards out of the game.  Tonight, he did enough of the other things, dishing out 6 assists and stealing 4 balls.  Caron Butler was solid as well, with 21 points and 11 boards.

Looking outside the box score, Roger Mason impressed me today.  He didn't score in 18 minutes, but was +7 on the game, compared to -5 for DeShawn Stevenson.  These are the types of games Mason needs to play to get experience for later.  Etan Thomas also gave a nice lift, and Eddie did the right thing, playing Jarvis Hayes only 9 minutes again (although Hayes still managed a plus/minus of -7).

I'm a little concerned with Butler's defense, which has been a problem recently.  Tayshaun Prince abused him Friday, and Ryan Gomes did the same today, getting 20 and 8 on 10-14 shooting.  For all of Jamison's defensive struggles, Butler's are arguably just as serious.  He has the athletic ability, but tends to get overpowered, especially inside.  This is baffling, considering that much of Butler's rebounding ability can be tied to his strength.  With no good wing defender waiting on the bench, you have to wonder whether Butler's defensive problems will eventually cost the Wizards.

By the way, I was correct in saying that Wally Sczcerbiak would kill the Celtics.  He was 3 for 12 from the field, and somehow finished at -22 in only 20 minutes of play.  If there was someone else next to me, I'd make them pat me on the back.  

Overall, tonight's win is a good sign.  You know a team is good when they can win by double digits playing a B level game.  The Celtics stink, but at least the Wizards put them away unlike the last matchup.