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Awesome news

Via the blog:

Wizards forward Darius Songaila, who has missed the past 41 games due to early season surgery to repair a herniated disc, participated in full-contact practice Wednesday morning at Verizon Center.

"Darius surprisingly played longer and more physical than I thought he would today," said head coach Eddie Jordan. "He got through the entire practice and was very impressive. It's a process; there's still no real timetable. We've seen tremendous progress from him, and it's about how he recovers after that first or second contact in practice. He's not going to be totally in sync with everyone once he gets in, but I think he has a good feel."

Maybe I'm a little too giddy about the return of a career bench player who averaged a career-high 9.2 points last year, but I truely believe Songaila's loss has really hurt the Wizards.  Jamison is playing too many minutes, and Hayes cannot play power forward.  If Songaila comes back strong, the frontcourt depth will be much improved.  We may finally have a small-ball lineup that can work, and Jamison can get rested for the postseason.  

If Songaila can come back soon after the all-star break and give the Wizards 15 solid minutes, the bench will be much improved, and there will be no need to trade for a 4 man that can mask Jamison's deficiencies.  At least that's my take.

You sharing this optimism?  Or am I drinking a little too much of the coolaid?