What? You'll take Jamison? And Hayes?!?

The talk in the latest thread about Antawn Jamison and Gerald Wallace got me thinking about a possible trade involving them and I came up with this:

Washington gets:
Gerald Wallace
Sean May

Charlotte gets:
Antawn Jamison
Jarvis Hayes
2nd round draft pick

In this scenario, the if you exclude the draft pick,  the point averages are identical and the Wizards would gain 2 rebounds and an assist and the slight advantage Washington gains from that is why I throw in the 2nd round pick that I really don't think would help the Wizards much anyway.

Why the Wizards would be interested in this trade:

  1. They get perimeter defensive help from Wallace.
  2. At least in my opinion, Sean May is a better fit at the 4 spot than Jamison, and when Eddie Jordan goes to a small lineup, May is would be a good fit as center, which I believe he played in college if I recall correctly.
  3. Having Arenas, Daniels, Stevenson, Butler, and Wallace would give the Wizards a slew of backcourt options.
Why the Bobcats would be interested in this trade:
  1. Veteran leadership from Jamison and legitimate outside threat to help Morrison.
  2. Tarheel fans would appreciate having Jamison in Charlotte and if they could pick up Vince Carter in free agency this summer, they'd be partying like it's 1997.
  3. Adding Hayes and an extra draft pick helps the Bobcats add to their youth movement.
I checked it on RealGM (Trade ID 3624127), the trade does work under the current salary rules.

So what do you all think?  Could this work?  Or am I being overly optimistic?

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