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Could it be? Darius Songaila may actually play?

Wahoo!  No more Jarvis Hayes at forward!  Well, you never know, but you'd think that would be the case.

According to an unidentified team source, Darius Songaila is going to be cleared to practice within the next two weeks and may be returning to action soon after that.  Songaila has missed the entire season after undergoing November 2nd back surgery to repair an injury suffered in the World Championships.  

Wizard Nation reacts!  Okay, maybe not

It still seems like Songaila's return is a long way off, but he's doing a lot better now than he was during training camp.  I for one was legitimately excited about Songaila coming into the year, because his style is perfectly suited for this offense.  When he comes back, there's no need to play the small lineup, and Antawn Jamison can get his rest.  I'm hoping he can get back ASAP and give the Wizards a real lift come playoff time.